1. You spend a small fortune on a Sleepyhead hoping it improves their sleep. Fast forward 6 months and despite the baby having massively outgrown it you’re far too scared to remove it from the cot. 

The cushion of dreams. You hope.


2. Ditto Ewan

If she’s distracted by Ewan maybe I can creep out of the room, tip toe, tip toe WAAAAAHHHH!!!


3.Moldy old Sophie is a must have

Still here. Still a bit moldy. Still the only thing that (sort of) satisfies a teething baby. The inventor must be a squillionaire.


4.You say ‘That’s not my’ about 42 times a day

If that’s not enough the lack of gender specificity is infuriating. Anyone find themselves internally yelling ‘That panda is blatantly a girl!’…just me?


5.You’re envious of your child’s gro-bag

So warm, so cosy, so snuggly. I want one for the sofa.


6.And the room takes on a orange-ish hue from the gro-egg

Anyone else wish they’d invested in the ‘Gro’ company?


7.You buy Annabel Karmel’s baby & toddler book and teeny little pots, only to discover what a faff it is and how much more the baby prefers anything by Ella

The book of best intentions

The reality


8.This monstrosity becomes part of your sitting room furniture

Goes so well with the original features and Farrow & Ball paint.


9.Where is that s*dding phone from the babywalker?

Look at the phone closely. It’s the only time you’ll see it where it’s supposed to be.


10. Calpol comes with a snazzy syringe. They still spit it out.

Can anyone else not look at them with out thinking of Michael Mcintyre?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qrn8dla424


Anything I’ve missed???