The Mum Wonder Weeks: Leap 1 & 2

I loved the Wonder Week Book and App.  If you don’t know them,  it’s oodles of research done into child development that says children go through ‘leaps’ in their development at about the same time and act all grumpy and miserable whilst doing so.  I really think there’s something to it as Matilda and her little friends seemed to stick to it like clockwork.  It got me thinking though that the same could be said for new mummy’s too!!
Mum Leap 1 – immediately to 1 week post birth


The first few days after having a baby is a special time and you will observe them changing rapidly. You may also notice some changes. During this leap you’re making the mental adjustment that your previously carefree hedonistic lifestyle is over for at least the next 18years and that you will never have any money ever again. It’s too early to grasp quite the magnitude at these changes so instead you just stare at the child hoping it grows into its nose, hoping you don’t drop it, hoping you don’t massively f*ck up its life…


First things first. You have mastered the ability to give birth. Be it an emergency daddy delivery on the hard shoulder of the M4 or a preplanned caeserean at the Portland and everything in between that’s quite a feat.

Your boobs leak. Lots. And get really sore. It’s not an ability that marvel are going to pick up for their superheroes anytime soon but the ability to support the life of your child through the boob is pretty awesome. If also bloody, sore & oh so frequent.

The ability to lose 2 stone virtually over night. Hurrah for that one.


This leap is particularly challenging as it’s probably the first time you’ve had to encounter any of these things and they all come at the same time. Common indicators your going through mum leap one are:

You have no problem showing your bloody stitched up fanny to any one wants to see. I mean you hope theyre a midwife or health visitor & not some local weirdo but you 1. Have stopped caring 2. Just want someone to tell you that one day everything might be ok again.
You’re so bleeding tired but also still so adrenalised that you think up only 4 times a night, for an hour each time is totally fine.
Your boobs will be ridiculous and you will find yourself buying cabbage to put in your bra.
Your hormones will be mental. You will hate the health visitor and your husband and your mum. Until they make you a cuppa and then you’ll cry about just how much you love them. You will cry for no reason and will only be satisfied by holding the baby. Which is fine by the baby too.



Mum leap 2: 6 weeks post birth


Some time around this point you will start to experience the world in a new way. You may leave the cocoon of brand new babydom and venture out for further than the corner shop. You might even start wearing make up again. You may attempt breastfeeding in public.


After having gone through this leap you will feel much less ‘in the deep end’.

You will master the art of breastfeeding whilst eating.

You will learn the ability of stressing. Stressing that the baby isn’t in a routine and why they’re not sleeping through the night (hahaha!!). You will gain the ability to stress that the baby isn’t doing enough tummy time or whether your watching too much tv (seriously though, what else are you meant to do during feeding marathons?! It has box set written all over!)

You will stress that you’ve lost perspective over what is actually worth stressing over

According to the doctor your ok to exercise and shag. You can’t get anywhere near a gym due to 1. sheer exhaustion 2.newborn needing to be feed every hour and sex? REALLY?


Ridiculously high blood pressure and stress levels.

You crave kindness & physical contact (just not too much).

More than anything you crave being able to eat with 2 hands, drink more than 1 glass of wine & an uninterrupted night’s sleep.


Mum Leaps 3 & 4 coming soon…