Imagine the scene, I’m at the doctors for a routine check up. She took my blood pressure and asked me to step on the scales. That was when the fateful event happened. I looked down. I was a stone heavier than my pre baby weight.

I, obviously, recoiled in horror. My clothes were a bit tight, so I expected to be slightly heavier than pre baby, but not an entire stone!

‘It’s what we expect’, the kindly nurse told me. ‘9months on, 9 months off. You’ll lose half a stone this month, half a stone next month and you’ll be back to your old self before you know it.’ Obviously this cheered me up no end and I left with a smile on my face and spring in my step.

Now, 6 weeks later, Matilda is 8.5 months. Cheered on by the nurses optimistic predictions and the fact that a pair of shorts that were too tight in May now (snuggly) fit, I leaped on the scales. I knew I still wasn’t pre pregnancy weight, after all I still had two weeks to go, but I did NOT expect to see that I had gained 2 pounds since that fateful day at the doctors. #epicfail as the kids say.

This called for drastic action.

Step 1.  Diet


A friend, who was clearly a wielder of torture in a past life, told me that if I was serious about losing weight I needed to do old style Weight Watchers. None of the new smart points namby pamby, apparently. The next day I began recording 2 pts for Weetabix, 1 pt for milk, 1.5 for a banana etc etc. By the evening I was ravenous. Hoping sleep would distract me from imminent starvation I went to bed early. I woke up three times in night due to my growling tummy. This gave me a new found sympathy for hungry babies needing night feeds and a new found respect for anyone who’s dieted themselves slim. The next day I gorged on cake, clotted cream and hot cross buns.  Another #epicfail.


Step 2. Exercise

After my diet fail I changed tactic and tried exercising. Pre baby, exercise was always my default method of weight loss. Feeling podgy, go for a run. Plus I enjoy it.  Sort of, I’m not entirely sure I enjoy the exercise itself but I love that post exercise, slightly smug healthy glow. However, with a baby in tow I find it really hard to squeeze any exercise in. The interrupted nights and early morning wake ups have meant that even when I do get chance there’s been little motivation to don the sports kit.

So, in a bid to fat and lazy change my ways I’ve thrown money at the problem. A little internet research told me a Misfit Shine 2 activity tracker is ideal for exercise conscious mums.


Is this the answer to my prayers? I hope so…

Apparently any walking that’s done whilst pushing a pushchair doesn’t always register on a fitness monitor.  The beauty of the Shine 2 is that it has a handy little clip as well as a wristband so can clip on to your top or belt. I’m a sucker for a target so I’m hoping that it will encourage me to get out and walk more.   It’s day 1 today so I’ll let you know how I go…


I will admit by posting my weighty woes I’m hoping public pressure will spur me on and keep me motivated.  Sort of like how Weight Watchers works,  but without Matthew Lucas telling you to eat dust.  So, if anyone has any miracle (haha!) diet tips or exercise advice, please help…Desperate times and desperate measures and all that!
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