About Me

Hi I’m Sarah and welcome to my blog.


I live in London with my husband Monty, baby girl Matilda and 2 smelly cats Barney and Roy.



The husband and me.  Both a bit squiffy I suspect.

I started this blog 6 months into maternity leave when my husband tried to have a vaguely intellectual conversation with me and I realised that my brain had turned to mush after one too many renditions of ‘the wheels on the bus’.

Initially I was reluctant to define it as a ‘mum’ blog – it was intended as an ‘escape’ from all the mothering shenanigans, however given I spend virtually all day every day doing mum-stuff I can’t help but blog about it and actually find it’s become one of my favorite subject matters. But I do try and blog about my other interests too, namely fashion, travel and days out.

When I’m not dragging up babies I work for women’s magazines, beginning my career at Conde Nast working on the flagship Vogue magazine before moving to Time Inc to work on their women’s lifestyle magazine portfolio. I currently work for HELLO! and HFM magazines as the Client Creative Exec, working on brand partnerships.

Along side the day job I also work as a freelance copywriter and have a large and varied portfolio encompassing FMCG, fashion and beauty brands, sportswear retailers and travel companies. To discuss copywriting work do get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page.